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                                                                             WONDER WORKS Syracuse New, York

This 81 foot jungle gym is an excellerating adventure!!!!!!  This is Canyon Climb.  It can be found inside the the mall Destiny in Syracuse, New York.  Don't worry while your up there,  you will be attached to a harness.  If you look down you will see many people shopping and looking up at you!!!  I suggesst this attraction to anyone.  This attraction requires a person who is brave, self-confident, and not afraid of heights!!!!!  In order to do this you cannot wear a skirt or a dress and you must have closed shoes.  Your Wonder Work
Canyon climb random

Canyon Climb Ropes Course

s experience will be great because all of the attractions are super fun and all of the employees are really kid friendly!!  The Canyon Climb Ropes Course is $14.99 per person.  I'm sure you will love the Canyon Climb!!!!!! 

Another extrodinary attraction in Wonder Works is the bed of nails.  You can actually lay on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This attraction requires nothing but the ability to stay still.  The nails appear to be real and SHARP!! Don't worry I have tried it and I lived to tell you about it.  It does not hurt, it feels really cool!  I hope you go to Wonder Works in Syracuse, New York.

Bed of nails random

Bed of nails Wonder Works

Entry to wonder works

Entry to Wonder Works (NOT IN SYRACUSE)

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